Spoiler Foiler

Netflix wanted to increase brand love and strengthen the association between them and Breaking Bad.

With streaming services like Netflix, people are watching content at different times. But this leads to the dreaded spoiler on social media. Spoilerpocalypse had just happened after Game of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’ - so we needed to make the internet safe again.

Spoiler Foiler made checking Twitter safe for Breaking Bad fans, so they could choose when they wanted to stream the show without someone ruining the story for them.

This lead to masses of coverage in the entertainment press, the tech press, and mainstream press. Netflix Spoiler Foiler became a major news story around the Breaking Bad finale. The perfect solution for the time when 'Spoiler Fear' had reached unprecedented levels.

Blocking spoilers was so popular for Breaking Bad, Netflix decided to roll it out again for House of Cards Season 2.

And when the best protected man in the world, POTUS, Mr. Barack Obama, tweets about spoiler fears... you jump into service. Yessir!

Role: Senior Creative
Agency: We Are Social

Cristal Awards 2014 Gold Interactive- Entertainment
Cristal Awards 2014 Silver Interactive - Innovative Use Of Social / Community
Cristal Awards 2014 Bronze PR - Best Use of Social Media
Cristal Awards 2014 Shortlist Interactive - Digital Application
Eurobest 2014 Bronze Interactive - Web Campaign - Publications & Media
Eurobest 2014 Shortlist Interactive - Social - Applications / Tools