As part of its 150th birthday, Sainsbury's unveiled the world's first signing store to celebrate community inclusivity.

It is estimated that around 11 million people in the UK live with hearing loss. This inclusive store helped to raise awareness of issues deaf customers might encounter, and to promote the learning of sign language.

Signage throughout the store was updated from Sainsbury’s to Signsbury’s. From the big store signs down to the small name badges.
All members of staff were taught introductory sign language lead by professional trainers ‘I Can Sign’ alongside their profoundly deaf colleague Sam Book.


Rachel Shenton, the Oscar winning screenwriter who famously signed her 2018 acceptance speech, starred alongside colleague Sam Book to create content to introduce shoppers to basic sign language.
National newspaper The Mirror had a full BSL signing language takeover for Signsburys launch day.

Interactive video screens throughout the store visually taught basic sign language for common items.

And Sainsbury’s customer service were given signing GIFs to use when engaging and reacting to the positive Signsbury’s comments throughout the campaign.


Agency: Gravity Road
Role: Creative Director

Drum Social Purpose Awards 2020 Community Engagement - Finalist
Drum Social Purpose Awards 2020
Stunt or Live Event - Finalist
Campaign BIG Awards 2020
Best Idea for a Purpose - Finalist
DMA Awards 2020
Best Thoughtful Marketing Campaign - Gold
Kinsale Sharks 2020
Ambient/Non-Traditional - Shortlist
Cresta Awards 2020
Ambient Experiential: Experiential - Bronze
Cresta Awards 2020
Ambient Experiential: Experiential Campaign - Bronze
Cresta Awards 2020
Brand Purpose - Shortlist
PR Week Purpose Awards 2020
Best Equality and Inclusion Campaign - Shortlist
Creative Pool Annual 2020
Experiential - Winner
Marketing Week Masters 2020
Diversity and Inclusion Champion - Winner
Marketing Week Masters 2020
Branded Experience and Events - Shortlist
Creative Circle 2020
Creative for Positive Change - Silver
Creative Circle 2020
PR-led Creative - Bronze

Thanks to everyone involved with this project