To promote the book Meatspace by Nikesh Shukla we set out to create a literal literary marketing stunt by sending some meat into space. The book had nothing to do with sending meat into space!

A tandoori lamb chop from Tayyabs was launched from Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds, on a 1200g weather balloon in June 2014.
We lost contact soon afterwards...

One month later a farmer discovered it in his field, informed us, and then chose to withhold it.

This started a four month long online hunt for information about the farmer and the location. It was a case of life imitating art.

Finally, with a small prod from the police, the farmer chose to return the camera. We couldn't believe how beautiful the footage was.

The story went viral and was featured in global news. Vice, Huffington Post, BBC, Mashable, Today USA, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Time Out and even the primetime BBC One satirical panel show Have I Got News For You.

And more...the story picked up internationally. Spun into a parody account on Twitter (still don’t know who was behind that). Became a yardstick for stupid things sent into space.

And the dramatic recovery story was broadcast as part of the BBC Radio 4 Short Cuts podcast.

We also got to fulfill a lifetime ambition and get our faces on the Tayyabs 'Hall Of Fame' next to heroes such as The Ramones and Daniel Craig.

All of this for under £331.56.

Here’s a case study with some fun media clips and behind the scenes of the adventure of M.E.A.T.1.

Agency: We Are Social
Role: Creative Director, Producer, Director, Editor, PR, Astronaut

MAA Awards 2016 Winner - Small Budget
Lovie Awards 2015 Bronze - Viral Advertising
Lovie Awards 2015 People's Choice - Viral Advertising
Team M.E.A.T.

Nikesh Shukla: Celebrity Talent and Ground Support
Rob Lingham: Recon, Flight Prep Team, Recovery
Sanjai Davé: Meat Handler and Ground Support
Tom Lingham: Recovery, Official Meatspace Theme Music